The Future of Subcontracts

It is not unusual for the Federal government to issue several new and revised rules every year, pertaining to how subcontracts may be formed and administered. GCI offers periodic, interactive forums featuring prominent government and industry subcontracting experts, who give their perspectives on what the latest rules and regulations mean to small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Teaming to Win

Teaming goes both ways: Small businesses need larger partners to gain access to high-dollar programs, and large businesses need to team with small businesses to gain specialized expertise and meet the government’s social-economic goals. But how do you scout, evaluate and negotiate with the best partners for the job? What Red Flags must you look for? What terms and conditions need to be in your teaming agreement? GCI’s experts will answer these questions, and many more.

Current Events

Budgets are shrinking and competition for work is increasing. New technologies (e.g., cybersecurity, drones) are becoming increasingly important every year. Who is driving the future of Federal contracting, and what measures do they have in the works that will affect your chances of winning government contracts? Learn what’s behind these and other such timely issues at one of GCI’s periodic forums of government and industry experts.