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But by the end of this workshop you will ALSO know how to go beyond a compliant proposal, to a truly compelling proposal that responds to the customer’s needs, hopes and fears, and stands out from your competition. 

This course offers you the current and up-to-date techniques and practices you need to break out of the crowded “competitive range,” into the exclusive Finalist category.


The Facilitators:

Dr. David Christovich has a 30+-year track record in Capture Management and Proposal Development, including winning over $2 billion in Federal Government contracts. He has managed over 300 competitive proposals to nearly every agency in the Federal Government. He has trained and supervised capture/proposal teams including account executives and marketers, software developers, engineers and scientists, telecom and IT specialists, contracts/pricing, subcontractors, graphics specialists, technical writers, and independent consultants. He offers strong business development, marketing and capture skills, including researching and identifying contract targets and opportunities.

Mark S. Hoffman, CPA, CPCM. Mr. Hoffman has over 30 years of practical experience in cost and price proposals, Government contractcost accounting, contract administration, and  financial management. He is an authority on advance planning for profitable compliance within the wide range of government procurement regulations. Mark is a frequent continuing education instructor, and has taught courses for the NCMA, IMA, Fairfax Chamber, VA Society of CPAs, and other professional organizations.

Answering the Mail @ Executive Conference Center
Mar 10 all-day

March 10, 2016  — Answering the Mail – Taking Your Proposals from Compliant to Compelling

Are you sick of writing losing proposals? Finally, there’s a Real Hands-On Workshop that shows you how your competition is developing winning proposals by: ANSWERING THE MAIL 

You’ll learn:

  1. How to move from compliant to compelling.
  2. How to break out of the pack and into the final round.
  3. How to Get Government Evaluators to take a second look.
  4. How to create a supercharged writing team.
  5. How to deconstruct the RFP from a winning perspective.
  6. How to apply pricing strategies for LPTA and Price-to-Win.

Let’s face it – most companies can write a compliant proposal. The customer takes for granted that you can read the RFP instructions and the SOW/PWS.

But to win, you must move your proposal from merely compliant to compelling.  You must show that you understand the customer’s real problems, and offer a solution that demonstrates real insight into the customer’s needs.

In our full day, interactive and immersive workshop, you’ll be led by experienced professionals, using a real RFP and real-life scenarios from actual winning proposals.

  • Find out what the WINNERS are doing to stand out from the rest. What do they know that you don’t?
  • Learn how they are appealing to the customer, above and beyond the “wills, shalls and musts” of the RFP?
  • What they’re doing–and you’re not–is ANSWERING THE MAIL with proof that they understand the customer’s needs.

We invite you to join us and learn how to develop winning proposals by Answering the Mail.

When: March 10, 2016

Where: Crystal City, Virginia