Price to Win (PTW)

Length: 1/2 day
Next Course: Closed

What is the one decision you will make on your proposal that can mean win of lose? It’s your price.

After spending hundreds of staff hours toiling over your proposal’s technical aspects, employing red teams, pink teams, and even gold teams, many bidders sabotage their own efforts by paying inadequate attention early-on to their price proposal, essentially treating it as an afterthought. Deriving the best Price to Win requires devoting as much care to the price proposal as to the technical proposal.

Using the best practices contained in this GCI course, you can give your company its best chance to win, and still make a profit – by discovering the highest price you can bid and still win.

By the end of this workshop you will know:

  • The top 3 pricing mistakes most small business owners make that keeps them frustrated about losing too many contracts.
  • Practical pricing strategies you can use right away to improve your win probability.

This workshop will help you understand how to develop an integrated Price to Win bid strategy that: incorporates the needs of the customer; considers the customer’s budget; assesses your own corporate capabilities; examines your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses; and engages you in truly meaningful numerical data to develop a winning price and improve your win rate.

Who Should Attend

Pricing decision executives, pricing managers, accountants, contract managers, project managers, CFOs, CEOs.

Location and Tuition

Includes continental breakfast

Tower Club at Tysons Corner
8000 Towers Crescent Dr. #1700
Vienna, VA

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